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Life Transition Support

Diem is a NAPO Specialist in Life Transitions. She aims to help her clients face personal and professional life transitions and milestones, including downsizing, relocation, parenthood, and the challenges that come with them. Tidy Sense will do our best to help make the transition as streamlined as possible for you. You can count on us to be there on time and to do a great job. Contact us today!

Old Space Services:

​Tidy Sense can hep you declutter and organize before repurposing an existing space or leaving it. Decluttering is necessary to minimize unnecessary items in your new space. 


Please note that Tidy Sense is not a moving company and will not be able to pack or move your belongings to your new space.


Tidy Sense can help you clean out your old space before you say goodbye to it so you can turn it into something new or let its new occupants enjoy it. 

New Spaces Services:

Tidy Sense can help you clean your new space so it's ready for your next adventure in it.

Receiving Assistance

Tidy Sense can assist you on your moving day when household goods are being delivered at your new location.

  • Check off inventory to ensure all of your belongings have been delivered;

  • Direct the movers on where to place items in the home; 

  • Examine your belongings to ensure all your belongings have arrived in satisfactory conditions. 

​Please note that Tidy Sense is not a moving company and will not be able to assist you unload any boxes or move them between rooms. 

Unpacking and Put Away

Once you're at your new house, Tidy Sense can provide a full unpack and put away service that includes unpacking the entire home, ensuring the move-in process is seamless and stress-free for you and your family. Alternatively, we can provide a partial unpack and put away service that focuses on the 20-30% of high priority boxes (usually kitchens and bedrooms).  ​


The best time to line the shelves in a kitchen is before there is anything on the shelves. Tidy Sense can line the shelves with a thick, ribbed plastic sheeting that is easy to install and simple to keep clean.

Baby Presents
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