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DIEM Method for Professional Organizing

The DIEM Organizing Method involves four main phases: Declutter, Identify Organizing and Storage Solutions, Execute, and Maintain. Follow the DIEM Organizing Method and you will surely achieve your organizing goals.  




The first phase is to declutter so that you only have what you really use or enjoy. When we declutter, I will help you sort through what you have to figure out what you need to keep and what you can let go and donate, discard, or sell. 





The second phase is to identify organizing and storage solutions that work for you. I will work with you to learn how you use your items and figure out a thoughtful placement for each item. I can help you find the ideal storage solutions and organizing products that fit your budget and style. 





The third phase is to execute the new storage and organizing solution. I will assist you in placing each item in its designated location and preserving items of sentimental value. I will also take your donations and drop them off at a local charity for you. Once we're done, you can relax and enjoy your newly organized space!





The last phase is to maintain your newly organized life. Organizing is an on-going process that you can undertake on your own once you have worked with Tidy Sense. When life changes make it difficult for you to keep up with your organizing routine, I can help you maintain your organized lifestyle while you deal with those life changes.









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