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Running Out of Space?

Books and Clothes on a Piano

Are you using your piano as a bookshelf and a clothes drawer? If you are running out of space, take a look at these tips:

  1. Prevent clutter from entering your house. Have a recycling bin and a trash can by your front door or entryway and immediately discard junk mail or any random things you may come home with before they make their way to your coffee table.

  2. Make room for new purchases before buying them. Unless you only have one pair of shoes, you can definitely donate or discard an old pair or two before ordering a new pair. If you must keep an old item until the new one arrives, making arrangements to discard or donate the old item before the new one arrives ensures that the old item will not clutter your apartment for too long.

  3. Invest in multifunctional furniture with storage space. Rather than a standard bed with a box spring consider one with drawers underneath. You will have more space and reduce clutter.

Living in a tidy space will make you feel a lot better. You will be able to tune your piano and play it once in a while!


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